Show real estate in its true Sunlight

Let buyers interactively understand the sunlight situation of your properties. Cross-season. Build trustful relationships with your customers and close deals faster.
Shadowmap integration in a website
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Used by over 15.000 property seekers worldwide every month.

Shadowmap for real estate

Stand out from the competition and present your properties under real sunlight conditions through interactive 3D visualization. Integrated into your website. Delight potential buyers.

3D model of a real estate object
Provide a 3D model of your property
Shadowmap integration
Integrate the Shadowmap widget into your website
Offer an interactive 365 days/year 3D experience

Build trust

Present your properties under objective lighting conditions. Provide customers proof to your claims.

Boost your sales

Use increased confidence about actual lighting conditions to generate more leads. Speed up your sales process.

Stand out

Enhance your online presence with a unique and innovative way to explore and interact with real estate.

Remote & cross-seasonal insight

Shadowmap is the closest resemblance of physical viewings at different times of the year. Fully remotely.

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Donauturm with Sun shown in Shadowmap

Precise solar shadows

based on accurate 3D data and the time-dependent position of the Sun in the sky.

Integration of Shadowmap in a website

Embeddable widget

easily integrate a widget presenting your property into your website.

Maui shown in Shadowmap

Global 3D terrain & buildings

allow for realistic shadowing on your objects. Selected cities (e.g., Vienna) offer high quality data.

Shadowmap supports worldwide timezones

International time

Accurate timezones, sunrise and sunset support any location on Earth.

Verify Shadowmap's precision
Siebensternplatz, Vienna shown in Shadowmap
Siebensternplatz, Vienna

Siebensternplatz, Vienna: On February 5th, 2020, 14:01, as seen from Café 7stern.

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