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Receive 20% commission on each subscription referred

Introduce your audience to a product they will love. Shadowmap is a cool product for many industries, photography, event planning, architecture, real estate and solar energy to name a few. We aim to promote sustainable living, better synergy with the sun and the spirit of mutual thriving. If these are values you and your audience can get behind, we are thrilled to have you with us.

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How it works

Just connect your account and start getting paid.

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Shadowmap Explorer, Shadowmap Home, Shadowmap Studio, these are all eligible subscriptions to earn commission on when purchased through your referral.

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After a review period we will evaluate our collaboration, there's even more opportunities

Shadowmap is built for collaborative efforts, so let's collaborate even more.

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The sun is on a constant journey, and so are we. Why not join us?


This looks complicated and is probably not worth my time at this point...

How do I get paid? 💰

How to get my individual discount code to share with my audience?