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Shadowmap Explorer is our solution for photographers. Sunlight is most photographers' best friend, may it be by simply lighting your scene or adding additional mood and character.

Go, and venture into the unknown, but be prepared for it. Look up when that mountain peak will be dipped into liquid morning gold, or when that charming creek will most probably sparkle in the setting sun.

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Screen capture of Shadowmap web app showing top-down view of Vienna roofs in the city centre

I spend much time modeling the surroundings of my project for shading impact

Your time is valuable, don't waste it on menial tasks. Our worldwide 3D data enables you to instantly view your building designs in their environment. Upload custom 3D models and adjust the provided 3D data to get best results.

Solar evaluation isn't always easy to preview and share in an interactive way

We made sharing and embedding easy! Quickly create an interactive preview for stakeholders and share it on any device.

Sometimes the sunlight exposure throughout the year won't be estimated correctly due to a missed mountain or large structure in medium distance

Make use of Shadowmap Studio's high-quality global 3D data, with a high-res digital twin and satellite imagery to never miss major obstruction impact within your project surroundings again.

To design for green buildings or BIPV, I need a comprehensive simulation tool

Shadowmap Studio has been designed with sustainable and green building in mind. The sun is a crucial factor for living in better synergy on our planet, and we're here for it, to make it happen.

Why Shadowmap Studio?

Get ahead of your competition – all Shadowmap features in one subscription

Shadowmap Studio empowers you to customize 3D data and upload your own 3D models. Get precise measurements of objects and distances using contextual 3D data. Make smarter decisions and showcase your properties to all stakeholders on any device – fast and easy. Seeing is believing.

Upload Custom 3D Models

IFC, OBJ, FBX, DAE and GLB files with textured materials supported.

3D Solar Analytics

Customize Existing 3D Data

Share Projects to any Device

iFrame Embedding


Unlock 3D customization: Shadowmap Studio

Our intuitive platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, allowing you to create and share projects in 3D, upload custom models, and analyze sunlight patterns in a whole new way. Gain valuable insights and optimize your project for natural light efficiency with Shadowmap Studio. Customize, Analyze, Optimize.


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Sun path & compass

Change time of current day

Worldwide 3D buildings + terrain

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Share & embed anywhere

Interactive 3D Solar Analytics

Upload and integrate your own high quality 3D models

Edit existing 3D data

Draw custom 3D shapes

First-person view incl. variable focal length

Full camera freedom

Cross-seasonal insights: choose any date & time in the past or future

Worldwide 3D buildings + terrain

Change time of current day

Sun path & compass

High quality 3D buildings in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich

Satellite + Outdoor base maps

High quality rendering options

Show floors on building facades


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Shadowmap Studio is your go-to solution for fast & easy sharing and embedding of daylight visualization

Shadowmap app on iPhone showing city of Vienna held by two hands

Solar insights at your fingertips

The world's 1st interactive sunlight & shadow app. Visualize light for any location, time, and date. Perfect for solar energy, real estate, architecture, photography & more!

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