Visualize sunlight and shadow anywhere on Earth

The Sun is a prerequisite for life on Earth and Shadowmap is the tool to understand it.

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The Sun impacts numerous areas of our lives. Are you looking for a bright apartment? Or planning a photo shooting?
Shadowmap provides insight and predictability, based on the intuitive presentation of precise data.

Operngasse in Shadowmap

Objective and comprehensible visualization of solar exposure of real estate.

Projects – whether already realized or in planning – can be textured and integrated into Shadowmap at highest quality during any state of their development. Even enabling the visualization of lighting scenarios of individual apartments. You are a real estate broker and want to present your property in the best possible, interactive way? Get in contact.

In the market for a new apartment? Thanks to objective and realistic lighting simulation you save yourself from unpleasant surprises after the purchase.


Due to their two-dimensional nature, many solar cadasters are limited to the solar potential of roofs alone. Vertical surfaces, such as facades or balconies, fall under the table.

Shadowmap, however, thanks to its 3D data sources along with 3D visualization, is able to illustrate their solar potential as well. This is particularly interesting for rented apartments in urban areas, where roof modifications are often prohibited.

Sunset at Donauturm

Comprehensive planning of shootings to the minute. With regard to buildings, vegetation and terrain.

Compared to Augmented Reality applications, Shadowmap not only shows the position of the Sun in the sky – which at the same time requires you to be physically present at the location in question – but also visualizes the expected shadow and light situation. Worldwide, without actually being there.

In the future, visualizations of Golden/Blue Hour and other photography-specific features are planned. You have further ideas? Let us know.

Lightyear.One car

Our favorite utopian use case: The solar car. Lightyear is working on the Lightyear One – a sleek solar car that can reach a maximum speed of 12 km/h – no, not driving – but charging. In the Sun. From an energy perspective, it suddenly becomes relevant where to park the car. Shadowmap has a prototypical feature to visualize solar shadows over time: This makes it possible to integrate parking spaces into route- and energy-planning.

Other car manufacturers are discovering the Sun as an energy source as well and are designing solar car roofs or trunk covers, as Tesla is doing with the Cybertruck.

Navigation with priority for Sun-exposed roads (or even those in the shade for non-solar powered vehicles) is also a potential upcoming feature.

Restaurant with outdoor seating

Shadowmap will help you to find a nice sunny place in the pub on an autumn afternoon. Or just the opposite in hot midsummer.

You own a restaurant and would like to show how your beautiful Schanigarten* is illuminated by the Sun? Please write us.

*Viennese for outdoor seating area

Hawaii in Shadowmap

See the sunrise at Mount Meru, estimate the avalanche risk on your next skiing-trip, or simply start your descent to Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida at the right time: Shadowmap allows you to reliably integrate the Sun into your adventures.

Neighbour hood with urban gardening possibilities

Would you like to use your terrace or balcony for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs? Or do you even have a garden? Shadowmap helps you to find the right place for the planned patch by simply simulating the incidence of sunlight at different times of the year and day.


Visualize interactively light and shadow considering buildings and terrain. For any moment in time, anywhere on Earth.

Donauturm with Sun shown in Shadowmap

Precise solar shadows

anywhere on Earth, anytime. Simultaneous visualization of the Sun's accurate position in the sky.

iPhone mock

Interactive realtime visualization

directly in your web browser on any desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Native apps for iOS and Android coming soon.

Maui shown in Shadowmap

Global 3D terrain

enables realistic shadow scenarios by respecting topographic features.

Stephansdowm shown in Shadowmap

Worldwide 3D buildings

In addition, we offer high quality LOD2 3D models in selected cities, starting with Vienna.

Shadowmap supports worldwide timezones

International time zones

provides accurate information on local time, sunrise and sunset for any location worldwide.

Development of Shadowmap

We don’t stop here

We are continuously optimizing and extending Shadowmap with new innovative features.

Verify Shadowmap's precision
The "Brennerin" at lake Atterse
The "Brennerin" at lake Atterse shown in Shadowmap

The "Brennerin" at lake Attersee, Upper Austria: On January 6th, 2014, during sunset at 15:56. Note the precise shadow border on the mountain base.

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Our Vision

We want to provide the best possible answer to any solar radiation related question.
Anywhere in the solar system, anytime.

Check out the video below to understand Georg's motivation to build Shadowmap. See the potential for different usage scenarios and get a glimpse into our future.