Your interface to the Sun

The Sun is the ultimate source of light and energy on Earth. Use Shadowmap to plan with the Sun by visualizing sunlight and shadows anywhere on the Planet.

Used by over 25.000 people worldwide every month.

Use cases

The Sun affects numerous areas of life. Learn how Shadowmap can help you in different scenarios.

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Shadowmap is a global, fast and reliable integrated tool for sunlight and shadow visualization.

Based on worldwide 3D buildings and terrain data, we aim to immediately provide the best answer to any question related to solar radiation. For any moment in time, anywhere on Earth.

Donauturm with Sun shown in Shadowmap

Precise solar shadows

based on realistic 3D data and the time-dependent position of the Sun in the sky.

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Interactive realtime visualization

Get instant results right on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

Stephansdom shown in Shadowmap

Worldwide 3D buildings

Selected cities (e.g. Vienna) offer high quality data for increased accuracy.

Maui shown in Shadowmap

Global 3D terrain

We combine shadows from topography with buildings for utmost practicality.

Shadowmap supports worldwide timezones

International time

Accurate timezones, sunrise and sunset for any location worldwide.

Development of Shadowmap

We don’t stop here

We are continuously optimizing and improving Shadowmap.

Verify Shadowmap's precision
Siebensternplatz, Vienna shown in Shadowmap
Siebensternplatz, Vienna

Siebensternplatz, Vienna: On February 5th, 2020, 14:01, as seen from Café 7stern.

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