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Shadowmap Home is our solution for home seekers. Sunlight is essential for living in comfort – and so is shade. Get insights into the sun path over your future rental or property to estimate sunlight exposure and energy savings over time.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and be smart investing in your future home.

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I’m looking for a new home and I’m not sure if the sun exposure across the year is as promised by the realtor.

Intuitively view the sun path over the property in 3D. Go to your location on the map and use the time or date slider to get accurate insights into the sun exposure of the listing.

I’m planning to have a garden and I want to find the best spot for my pool and awnings.

Plan your home extensions with the sun. Sunlight is crucial for the prospering of your green darlings, as is shade for a cool summer barbecue.

It gets quite dark where I live and I want my new home to be as bright as possible in winter.

Shadowmap offers global map coverage of 3D data. Don't be left in the dark about something as important as your next place to live.

why shadowmap home?

Be smart and invest your money in the right place

See the exact sunlight exposure of your future home by making use of high-quality maps and 3D data. Understand and compare the sun path and natural light situation of different properties around the world. Safe time and skip unnecessary viewings by visualizing lighting conditions remotely with Shadowmap Home. Already have a home? Observe the sun path over your house and utilize the power of the Sun more efficiently. Plan your next gardening project, make best use of the space on your balcony or terrace, or save energy by identifying the most exposed areas of your property or rental home. Shadowmap Home allows for even more accurate sun & shade visualization, unlocking better quality and display options for 3D terrain and building data.

Precise Visualization of Sunlight & Shadow

Global shade analysis, real-time results.

High-Quality Map Data & Display Options

Full Camera Freedom

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Purchasing a new home is a big deal! Gain absolute confidence about sunlight exposure and shading of your surroundings. Shadowmap Home's interactive 365 days/year sunlight simulation let’s you see opportunities to save energy, plan home improvements, find sunny spots for your plants, or improve life quality overall – in an instant, cross-seasonal. Be on the safe side and avoid bad surprises, it’s probably worth it.


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Sunshine and shade:
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The world's 1st interactive sunlight & shadow app. Visualize light for any location, time, and date. Perfect for solar energy, real estate, architecture, photography & more!

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