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Shadowmap Explorer is our solution for photographers. Sunlight is most photographers' best friend, may it be by simply lighting your scene or adding additional mood and character.

Go, and venture into the unknown, but be prepared for it. Look up when that mountain peak will be dipped into liquid morning gold, or when that charming creek will most probably sparkle in the setting sun.

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Screen capture of Shadowmap web app showing top-down view of Vienna roofs in the city centre

I haven't found the right spots yet for my photo shoot in a few months

Our map provides worldwide visualization of destinations in 3D. Search for the region you are going to and freely navigate around the map to screen potential photo locations. All while seeing the real shading impact of your surroundings.

Sunlight hours vary from region to region, and season to season, help…

Never lose track of the sun and its position in the sky. With Shadowmap you can pick any date and time to get accurate sun data on the fly.

I don’t have time to meticulously look up sun exposure for different buildings at my shoot

Our interactive, fully navigable 3D map can save your time. Global building data and precise sunlight visualization help you preview the exact position and shape of shadows.

What now, my outdoor motif is all cloaked in shadow?

Planning ahead with Shadowmap could have prevented this mishap. Easily visualize 3D terrain and buildings in our interactive sunlight & shadow simulation.

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Planning with the sun or shadow? Keep unpleasant surprises at bay.

why shadowmap explorer?

Plan your shoot, event or hike. Be prepared.

Get clarity on sunlight and shadow conditions. Anywhere on Earth, anytime. We are helping photographers, location scouts, aerial & drone filmmakers, hikers, and travelers to get that perfect preparation, and plan efficiently. Shadowmap EXPLORER provides full camera freedom to view landmarks, travel routes or booked accommodation from all angles. Light, shadow, perfect day.

Global Visualization of Sunlight & Shadow

Accurate shade analysis, real-time results.

Unrestricted Time & Date Change

Sun Path & Compass

Full Camera Freedom




Start exploring – find your spot under the Sun

Plan your photography sessions with confidence. Set up your event with the natural benefits of sunlight and shade. Embark on your hike without surprises. Shadowmap Explorer helps you to visualize sunlight patterns year-round. Capture the perfect light for any situation.


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Sun path & compass

Change time of current day

Worldwide 3D buildings + terrain

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For photographers, film makers, event planners, health enthusiasts & hikers

Worldwide 3D buildings + terrain

Change time of current day

Sun path & compass

Cross-seasonal insights: choose any date & time in the past or future

Full camera freedom

First-person view incl. variable focal length


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Shadowmap app on iPhone showing city of Vienna held by two hands

Solar insights at your fingertips

The world's 1st interactive sunlight & shadow app. Visualize light for any location, time, and date. Perfect for solar energy, real estate, architecture, photography & more!

Helping Humans find the Sun – since 2021

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