Green Filming with Shadowmap

Michael Jus

Michael Jus

Why do filming and production need to be green?

It may not be the first industry you think of when it comes to being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but film production can also create a significant ecological footprint.

In recent years movie and TV production has seen a big increase due to the rising prevalence of streaming services and more demand for content. These modern media trends lead to a rise in emissions – about 2% of global CO₂ can be attributed to media production and Hollywood seems to be the biggest air polluter in the Los Angeles area.

With this background, green filming or green producing defines the effort of reducing the environmental impact of film production and promoting sustainable filmmaking – including all steps and contributors of the process from location scouting to post production.

Once a company commits to green filming, usually a manager will be appointed and supervise the implementation. To document and present this commitment several certificates already exist. Green filming is more significant than it might seem at first glance – it helps to protect the environment and to create a more positive image of a company, meanwhile saving production costs.

Camera filming sunset at the beach
Optimize the use of available sunlight in your production.

How can Shadowmap support your green filming efforts?

As a filmmaker or photographer, the Shadowmap app can improve your work in several ways.

  • Precise planning for available sunlight: save on equipment and energy for lighting and align your logistics and scheduling to the Sun. Not only for outdoor filming in remote areas, you can also check out precise sunlight and shade in cities.
  • Remote planning: there’s less need to be on-site for location scouting and planning. You can plan ahead globally and across time to find the best location and time frame for your project.
  • Present the location and schedule of your next shoot or production to your team or customers with an accessible and intuitive tool. The real-time sunlight visualization app is easy to use and understand.


With Shadowmap Pro and Light you can plan your next shoot fully remotely, save time and resources in planning and logistics and be on site when it really counts. With Pro you will also unlock full camera freedom and more.

Make Shadowmap your green production tool – from location scouting to optimizing your shooting schedule and the use of available sunlight.