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Michael Jus

Michael Jus

Sunlight is a highly important factor for any real estate transaction. Learn how Shadowmap brings transparency and helps you generate more leads and close deals faster – both as an agent and a customer.

Why visualize the sunlight situation of a property?

No matter where you live or trade real estate, the Sun is an essential factor that determines the quality of living. Just a few degrees or meters difference, and that perfect spot in the living room or garden might not be as blessed with sunlight or cool shade.

Even a southern exposure is not always as good as it sounds. Nearby buildings, terrain or trees may keep the property from receiving any Sun. Other properties receive direct sunlight only during specific times of the day or year. Another aspect that becomes increasingly important is the potential for solar energy installations.

All of these are great examples for use cases that Shadowmap covers through precise and interactive real-time 3D visualization, globally and 365 days/year.

A good value report of any property should include an honest account of the actual sunlight conditions. Use our solutions to stand out! Be it on your website, in your own app or at physical viewings.

Beautiful flat with Sun shining through the window
Show apartments in their true sunlight.

How can you accurately present a property’s Sun exposure to potential clients?

At a viewing in summer, potential customers might question how light their new home is in winter, or, vice versa, may not be entirely convinced of an apartment’s brightness if the viewing takes place on a cold and cloudy winter day.

Usually, they would have to take your word for it, or do their own tedious research, maybe even visit months later to double check. Both you and your customer may lose valuable time in the process, and you might end up not being able to close the deal after all.

Shadowmap visualizes 3D data in real-time from independent, open databases to give you a reliable tool with which you can prove to customers how much Sun a specific house or flat really gets. You can easily jump to any point in time throughout the day and year.

We believe our app will help you and your customers build trustful relationships. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet and get ready to impress at your next tour.

Custom building model visualisation in Shadowmap
Present your custom 3D models with the Shadowmap widget.

How can you integrate Shadowmap into your website?

For easy access and an even better understanding of the sunlight situation, a Shadowmap widget can be embedded into your website or app. This way, customers can check out your listings themselves, fully remotely – and confirm your claims independently.

Especially with virtual real estate tours becoming more common, we can help you provide critical information to your customers with an innovative and reliable tool. You can even upload and integrate your own custom 3D building models.


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