Sunny Seats

Michael Jus

Michael Jus

Shadowmap Sunny Seats helps hospitality venues leverage the Sun – let guests book a table according to their sunlight preferences.

Have you ever wondered where you can find a sunny table for your lunch break, or where you can escape the city heat for some cool drinks in the shade? Or as an owner of a café, bar or restaurant, you might want to promote your terrace accordingly.

This is where Shadowmap Sunny Seats comes into play. Sunny Seats connects hospitality venues with their guests. allowing them to book a table according to their sunlight preferences – in a real-time 3D visualization of any location around the world, displaying the exact sunlight conditions – at any given time.

This can be done either via the Shadowmap app or in any browser.

The idea of integrating the sunlight situation into a reservation system has been played around with before. Some honorable mentions go out to the projects Beer in the Sun and Pints in the Sun.

We took this idea to the next level.

Fill your terrace with customers during the best Sun conditions

With Sunny Seats you get an innovative and unique way of promoting your outdoor seating online. And this is how it works: We have built Sunny Seats into Shadowmap, our global 3D app of buildings, terrain and trees with an accurate sunlight simulation. This allows guests to see your terrace and outdoor spaces displaying the actual direct sunlight hours, and it is easily accessible via web browser or iOS app.

Sunny Seats makes your venue visible to a global user base with your phone number or a link to your reservation page. Additionally, you have the option to integrate the Shadowmap widget into your business website or app.

Check out Sunny Seats and get in touch with us. We offer a 50% discount for the first 200 venues to sign up. Reach out to to claim your discount.

Screenshot of Shadowmap with Sunny Seats pop up showing reservation info
Promote your terrace in Sunny Seats.

Book a table according to your sunlight preferences

As a guest, it’s all free. Via Shadowmap simply type in the address of your favorite café or restaurant, or scout the destination of your next vacation. Any venue featured in Sunny Seats will be visible for all users. You will then be able to book a table by clicking on the marked area and following the contact info. If they have the Sunny Seats widget on their business website or app, you will get the same user experience.

If you want your favorite restaurant or café to offer this feature, spread the word and let them know or feel free to drop us a line at