Finding Shade in Heat Waves – Shadowmap Helps!

Finding Shade in Heat Waves – Shadowmap Helps!

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Summer is the best time for festivals and outdoor activities, but increasing temperatures make it harder to enjoy from year to year. Shadowmap helps you find shade in the summer heat waves.

More heat waves expected this summer 🫠

Spain is well known for its vibrant culture of festivals about music and traditions or more obscure events like La Tomatina or the Battle of Wine in Haro. Across the ocean, Inti Raymi in Peru is certainly one of the most amazing festivals literally celebrating the Sun God and the Inca legacy.

Besides the rich culture of Spain and Latin America there is also strong heat, which has only intensified over the last years, as laSexta reports. High temperatures of 40°C and above are leading to droughts or high humidity and are challenging for humans and agriculture alike.

There are great challenges lying ahead of all of humanity, but in everyday life it is especially demanding to live in cities in hot climates. With the sun heating up concrete surfaces and buildings, it’s hard to get a break from the heat even at night.

We all need our daily dose of sunlight and vitamin D for our health and well-being, but too much sun and heat are not desirable either. Here are some tips to help you make the best of extreme temperatures.

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How to escape the heat waves? 🥵


Of course water in all forms is very important to stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat. What's better than going for a swim in a cold river, a pool or even the ocean? Don’t forget your favorite drinks and some ice cream.


Try to avoid the sun in the middle of the day. If you have to be in the sun, nothing beats a hat or umbrella to save your head from overheating. A heat stroke can get you quickly and can be quite dangerous for older people and those with pre-existing conditions.


Get out of the city! Concrete is great at storing heat. Just a few trees or facade greening can already make a big difference. Even better if you can spend some time outside the city and enjoy the shade of a forest and the cooler nights in the countryside. Plants are a game changer!


Relax! Even the Romans knew about the benefits of a good siesta. A short nap in the middle of a hot summer day will help you handle the heat much better. If you can, take the opportunity for a siesta.

In Madrid Shadowmap features about 655,000 trees!
Read more on trees in the city. 🌳

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Use Shadowmap! Our app helps you find shade in the city. From parks to the best café or restaurant to cool down with friends and family. Pick any time and date to plan your next visit. Shadowmap Explorer will help you find the best spots.


If you go on a hike or to visit some place on your vacation, you can also use Shadowmap Explorer to avoid the heat by looking at terrain and buildings remotely before your trip. Find the best hiking trail with the most shade or a beach that might get some shade from a cliff.


Plan ahead for your home. If you are moving or buying property, checking out the sun exposure is crucial. You don’t have to fully trust the realtor and can simply test their claims in Shadowmap Home for summer versus winter. For home extensions or awnings, this is equally important.

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