Shadowmap for Photographers

Shadowmap for Photographers

Learn how you can plan for sunlight for your next shoot efficiently and fully remotely with Shadowmap. Experience next level scheduling for photo, video or film production in a global real-time 3D visualization.

Get clarity on sunlight and shadow conditions before a shoot

Natural light is usually the best light source for photography and video projects. A lot of equipment or postproduction is necessary to achieve the same effect and it often comes down to minutes to get your shot with perfect lighting.

With Shadowmap you can easily find out when and where you can find your desired lighting situation, anywhere on Earth and anytime. We help photographers, cinematographers or aerial and drone filmmakers to get that perfect shot and plan efficiently. If you have ever missed a good time slot before, you know how annoying and costly that can be.

Let us help you catch that perfect valley sunrise, or be right on time for a backlit portrait between city buildings, it has never been easier to plan for the biggest available light source out there, the sun.

Capture that perfect sunrise with Shadowmap.

How can I use Shadowmap for my next shoot or production?

Got an address or GPS location or even just a time slot of daylight you wanna capture? That’s all you need to get started with Shadowmap. Optimize your workflow with our unique tool.

  • Find the perfect time slot and work with the best natural lighting all year round. No more guesswork.

  • Plan your shoot fully remotely, anywhere on Earth and avoid unnecessary trips to distant locations. You don’t need to be on-site and can save time and money.

  • Reliable 3D data lets you predict shadows of terrain and buildings accurately.

  • Get the perfect shot: avoid cumbersome planning processes and excel with your art.

Here are some use cases to make it more tangible

  • Photography and videography: Whether you are working with portraits, landscapes or urban areas we enable you to find the best timing, lighting or location. This is equally relevant for social media content producers, travelers and all kinds of outdoor activities or events like weddings. Lastly, also 3D scans or drone filming can be done with more ease in good lighting.

  • Film production: Our app helps location scouts simplify their jobs, and, in the next step, production managers can schedule more efficiently. Reduce idle time and the need for equipment for scenes in natural lighting.

  • Visualization of your projects: No matter what kind of shooting you are working on, Shadowmap offers an interactive and easy-to-understand tool to present to customers what you have planned. Use the app for a demo or integrate a Shadowmap widget into your business website.

  • Green Filming: from location scouting to optimizing your shooting schedule and the use of available sunlight, reducing the environmental impact of film production and promoting sustainable filmmaking spans the whole process.

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon in Shadowmap Home.

Which Shadowmap subscription is right for me?

The basic use of our app to look up sunlight and shadows on the current day is free and will always stay free. Upgrading to our subscriptions does offer some very useful features however.

Get Shadowmap Explorer

Unlock the date slider, which enables you to jump to any point in the future or past. With the cross-season 365 days/year visualization you can plan ahead for your next trip in a month or reconstruct past projects. Enjoy full camera freedom, tilt the camera down to the ground and use first person view (FPV). See the Sun in the sky.

Get Shadowmap Home

Besides the Explorer features you get satellite and outdoor basemaps with GPS coordinate entry and the Sun vector indicating the direction of sunlight. For more aesthetic visualizations and demos you can auto-rotate the map, hide the UI or toggle high quality mode.

You can also check out all features in our All Access Area before you buy.

Helping Humans find the Sun – since 2021

Let the sunshine in (to your mailbox)

© 2024 Shadowmap Technologies GmbH. All rights reserved.

Helping Humans find the Sun – since 2021

Let the sunshine in (to your mailbox)

© 2024 Shadowmap Technologies GmbH. All rights reserved.